52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 18}

Last week, I teased with an almost daffodil, and this week, the sweet reward of patience presents…the blossom in all its glory.

I have a long garden that runs the length of the side of my yard.  Someone lovingly planted it many years ago with a perennial plan in mind … and I have been abysmal at maintaining it.  It was a point of guilt for me for many years.  We talked about turning it over and just seeding with grass more than once.  But the flowers are so pretty, and even though I hadn’t kept up with the weeding regularly and didn’t replenish the mulch often enough, the flowers grew on.

Well now that my babies are, well, not even remotely babies any more, I’m able to do a bit more tending than I have been able to do, and I love it.  I love seeing whispers of sprouts in the spring and getting excited about them rather than just seeing one more chore I’m not getting to.  It feels great to have made some headway, and while my yard is far from what others would probably consider neat, it suits us just perfectly.  I always say we run a much more Weasley-ish ship than a Dursley-ish one.  (If this reference is lost on you, you should read Harry Potter.)

So the daffodils are thriving, and now that I have finally cleared at least most of that long garden of weeds and encroaching grasses, I’m seeing that those posies have become a bit scattered.  I moved a few plants earlier this spring, but there is more work to be done.  It’s neat to be able to get a sense of the planned layout and also to see how the plants have taken on a mind of their own and not stayed in neat rows.  I prefer some randomness with just loose patterns, so this year, I’m looking for areas that are bare right now and making notes about where to add some early spring perennials for next year.  All-in-all, though, it really looks pretty great considering that this is my thirteenth spring overseeing the garden, and probably only my fourth with any real effort.  It has held up spectacularly despite my neglect.  And I’m super grateful for that because all those blooms are a thing of beauty each day.

Wk18 | 52-Week Project | 2017
Photo specs: Nikon D810 | 105 mm | f 5 | 1/125 s | ISO 400

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