52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 17}

We have another pre-blossomed bloom this week.  I won’t make you guess, and NEXT week, I’m bringing you the bloom!  I get more and more excited about the yard each year…probably because I have more and more time and make more and more headway in claiming our outdoor spaces each year now that my boys are entertaining themselves at least some of the time.

So I probably don’t need to tell many of you this is a daffodil.  I know only enough to be dangerous in my garden, but even I can identify these just from the greens in spring.  It’s so amazing to me to ponder how all of these flowering plants got started.  I mean, science is awesome and just thinking about the complexity of the human body kind of blows my mind, but flowers are complex little creatures, too!  Over the course of a week, I’ll see a pod, then I’ll see this miniscule glimpse into the very end of the pod like today’s photo, then I have a loverly bloom bringing a little sunshine to my yard during the rainier and transitory days of spring.  Crazy!  And so cool.

It’s incredible to me that the entire blossom is packed all neatly in this perfect little protective shell until it has achieved just the right conditions to gently reveal itself.

Simple beauty.

Wk17 | 52-Week Project | 2017
Photo specs: Nikon D810 | 105 mm | f 5 | 1/125 s | ISO 400

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