52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 16}

I will be continuing my “yard waking up” series for the next several weeks.  Spring is good for the soul!  I’m always super reflective in spring…and also cheerier than usual.  I don’t think about myself being negatively affected by winter because I truly love winter.  But.  I definitely don’t have this fresh-and-fully-alive feeling through the winter.  It’s more a hunker-into-the-blankets-unless-we’re-sledding mode 🙂

This week, I bring you baby sedum buds.  They look like itty bitty flowers almost right out of the gate.  I love the greens as the sedum starts out, and I enjoy each stage of the plant all through the growing season.  I have this all around my front tree.  I purchased one plant several years ago to help fill out the space, but most of this has been transplanted from along the house in our backyard, which is currently given over to berry-bush snarls.  I find and move more every spring.  Which reminds me…that’s some spring work to add to the list.

The “crop” expands each year…slowly.  It always looks a bit sparse in spring when the patches of green first begin to sprout.  They’re very randomly scattered, too.  Sometimes I move them around to try to fill in balder spots–I’d love to get to a point where the whole area is blanketed.  I may plant seeds to encourage the expansion.  I had better get on that unless I want to wait until next year as I think I’m in prime sedum seeding season right now.  (Try to say that five times fast!)

This was the first perennial project I tackled when we bought our little house.  Eldest was a wee babe the spring I first began the relocation.  I put his pack-n-play in the yard and cleared out a big ring around the tree.  I then dug up every bunch of sedum I could find and moved it up to the new plot.  I can remember being so excited when the buds popped up the following year.  I really hadn’t considered myself a person who enjoyed gardening until then.  It was very satisfying to achieve a reorganization and have the plants survive!  Prior to that, I had only managed to keep a potted philodendron alive.  Everything else I had ever tried to have–all in pots either in college or in our apartment–had died fairly quickly.  It was such a boost to move something successfully and have it live and thrive.  I’m grateful for it as it springs up from the dirt each spring.

It was very moody out when I snapped this photo.  I love the moodiness of spring!  Maybe because I feel like I fit right in–haha!  I’ll aim to post pics of the fiery, pink blooms in August.  They are really lovely.  And then again in fall when they are lovely in a wholly different way.

Wk16 | 52-Week Project | 2017
Photo specs: Nikon D810 | 105 mm | f 3.2 | 1/125 s | ISO 400

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