52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 15}

I do love when my flowers start blooming, but I almost equally love the blossoms of each plant just before they bloom.  They’re these {often} weird, stiff bodies of something that seem too uniform to become a billowing bloom.  But then they do.  The pre-blossomed blossoms are a promise.  They’re neat, and I love exploring around the yard and watching all of this wake up around me.

This week, I thought I was sharing wisteria with you.  Just before the blossoms came alive.  They have now opened up and are lovely.  Hmmm…maybe I should catch a snap of the bloomed plant.  When I looked up wisteria, though, to make sure that’s what this is, I found a fairly different plant.  I’m not sure what this little beauty is.  If anyone knows, please enlighten me.  It’s cool, though, and I rarely get the end of the garden cleaned up early enough where this little guy sprouts up each spring until after it has already blossomed, so I had never noticed the pre-blossom stage.

I also appreciate some of what blooms after the “beauty” has faded.  Probably most especially my sedum around the front tree.  It has cool pink blooms in August, and then into the fall, they dry out and are equally beautiful.

I hope that you are all enjoying your own welcoming-spring traditions and that you’re little corner of the world is seeing some glimpses of nicer weather.  We certainly have been.  The boys are in shorts more often than not already.  I’m not at that point yet, but I’m certainly loving the milder weather.  Yay for flowers blooming!!

Wk15 | 52-Week Project | 2017
Photo specs: Nikon D810 | 105 mm | f 3 | 1/125 s | ISO 400

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