52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 13}

Spring is springing!  Although spring ranks as only my fourth favorite season, I do love watching for signs of spring.  That is definitely amongst my favorite “seasonal activities” that we do each year.  And I do believe that my very favorite sign of spring is that first-discovered crocus sprouted randomly in the scrubby yard or hiding in the twigs of last year’s berry patch.

The crocuses have arrived in our yard, and I am welcoming them with open shutters!  Lens shutters, that is.  Eldest came running into the house after school on Monday because I told him I would be looking for these glorious little bursts of joy this week, and he was sooooo excited to drag me around the yard and show me the five little blossoming beauties he had found sprouting up here and there.  We then found several others, including some striped purples AND a little bunch of yellow ones that I don’t ever remember seeing.  I may have missed them every year in the past as they are in a patch that is usually dense with weeds.  We had cleared it out late last summer, and it’s still relatively bare.  We are rewarded with a little patch of sun amidst the mud.

We have a few welcoming-spring activities we try to squeeze in each year.  Spotting crocuses is generally a catalyst for other springy activities, but not always.  Another favorite, which we ended up doing before our little crocuses made their colorful debuts this year, is donning mud boots and exploring the town park as soon as the snow is melted enough that we can make our way along the paths.  Sometimes our boots get stuck in the mud.  This means we have timed our trek just perfectly.  We like the mud to be just a bit thick.  It creates an appealing challenge.

Puddle jumping is also a must-do, and that has been checked off the spring “to do” list several times already this year.  I swiped that idea from a family I babysat for a looooooong time ago.  They appreciated the truly fine things in life, and I could always count on them to be out splashing on a rainy day, often barefoot if temps were mild enough.  If you have never gone puddle jumping, I’m telling you that you need to.  Get yourself some footwear that can handle being wet, or better yet, go barefoot.  Puddle jumping is good for the soul.  Like really good for the soul.  Just tromping right through the middle of a big old muddy-water-filled pothole goes against everything we are taught to avoid.  Don’t make a mess.  Don’t get your shoes wet.  Don’t splash mud on your clothes.  Puddle jumping gives you a green light on all those don’ts, and it is just so freeing to just splash all over that list of no-nos.  I don’t care what your age is.  Make it a point to go puddle jumping next time there are puddles.

So while spring as a whole is but my fourth favorite of our seasons, I think I love welcoming it best.  Maybe it just holds bigger promises than winter, summer, and fall.  Spring launches us closer to opening Grandma’s pool, and summer vacation, and camping trips, and fireflies, and the longest and warmest days of the year.  Huh.  Maybe I don’t recognize spring as it’s own glory but, rather, as a lead-up to the glory that is summer.  Maybe that’s why it falls last in my ranking of the seasons.  Regardless, I need to smatter more crocus bulbs all over my yard.  A project for this fall!  Since I’m partial to purple, the striped crocus wins for this week.  The little bunch of yellows was a close second.  More crocuses sounds like a very good plan, though.  They are just joyful and hopeful and sweet.  I love them.  They have arrived.  Happy spring!

Wk13 | 52-Week Project | 2017
Photo specs: Nikon D810 | 105 mm | f 8 | 1/80 s | ISO 200

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