52-Week Project {Everyday Life | 2017 | Week 1}

Greetings in the new year! I hope that the holidays, whatever you celebrate, were beautiful and full of the people and traditions you love most.  We have entered the season of RESOLUTIONS.  Do you make them?  I think I have the same few each year.  I worked with a woman who not only set super-specific resolutions but also created binders and measurable goals for how she would achieve each.  It was seriously impressive and inspiring.  I’m more of an in-the-moment resolver.  Once I decide to make a change, I just start.  This year is different.  I’m doing a real start-in-January resolution.  Ready?

I have decided to take on a little creative project just for fun this year, and I’m going to document my way through it. There are about a gagillion and seven annual challenge projects out there. There are challenges for cleaning and organizing, there are cooking challenges, there are reading challenges, and … the list is endless. I’ve decided, you may be shocked, to focus my project through my lens(es) and spend some time capturing and sharing photos. Rather than a daily project through the year, which, come on…there is just no way, I’m going with a 52-week challenge.  And we aren’t going to discuss the fact that today is technically the start of week 2.  We’re just going to roll with this.

Many of these projects, when photo-based, have a very specific topic or follow a series of specific assignments. I’m just going to have a loose theme of “Everyday Life.” This allows me a huge amount of flexibility. I can capture moments indoors and outdoors; I can capture people, animals, and stuff. Each week, I’ll post a little something that has caught my attention. Hopefully. I think we’ve reviewed before that I’m kind of abysmal at keeping up journals and such (like blogs…ahem). Life is nuts! When nuttiness hits, stuff has to get cut, and writing in a journal or getting blog posts ready, written, and posted is often the stuff that is easiest to push off, even though I enjoy playing with words even more than I enjoy playing with my camera and photo files.

So, for the sake of sanity, there will be weeks when I don’t post a photo and weeks when I catch up and post more than one. My key to success is flexibility. When Tuesday’s list remains undone, I just cross off Tuesday and write Wednesday at the top. Well, okay–not really. My to-dos are digitized at this point, and the current app I’m using just happily moves my tasks along through the week until I am able to pin them to a day with a big ole check.  You get the point, though.

For week one, the wintery, twiggy trees were calling to me.  We have a long row of bushes along the edge of our property, and while I love them all full of leafy greens, I also absolutely love how they look all winter, while they’re spindly and stark.  It’s actually rare to catch branches when they’re not covered in snow, and it takes my breath away.  I started snapping the bushes and then noticed our huge old maple tree in the backyard with its own spindly bare branches against the super blue morning sky.  I feel so grateful that I live in an area where I really get to enjoy the changing seasons and so many variations in my little world.  So I leave you with the week-1 photo.  Happy winter!

Wk1 | 52-Week Project | 2017


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