Natalie ~ 6 months

Ahhhh, baby love.  And I have a partial claim on this one–she’s my niece!

Natalie ~ 6 months 01b&w

Natalie ~ 6 months 02toasted

She’s so sweet and snuggly and perfect…and she’s developing an attitude that is shaping up just deliciously.

Natalie ~ 6 months 03toasted

Natalie ~ 6 months 04b&w

Natalie ~ 6 months 05b&w

I was a little hung up on the black-and-whites/toasteds from her session (can you tell?!?) until the pink ball cap–she looks amazing in color, too!

Natalie ~ 6 months 06

Natalie ~ 6 months 07

Also, she bites her bottom lip, and it’s sooooo adorable!

Natalie ~ 6 months 09

Natalie ~ 6 months 11

Natalie ~ 6 months 12b&w

Check out Larry–one of her first favorite toys at Grandma’s house.  He jingles.  He’s awesome.  I love including something that is significant to her.  When she is bigger and the baby toys have been tucked away in some long-forgotten place, we can show her this picture and tell her about how she loved it so when Larry would bounce his jingle-bell feet on her belly and kiss her sweet cheeks with his soft, fuzzy face.  Maybe even more important is that we will have preserved this memory of playing with her and Larry when she was small and squishy.

Natalie ~ 6 months 14

Natalie ~ 6 months 15toasted

I’m lucky that I get to squeeze her often and I am in NO HURRY for her to grow up.  She can just take her sweet time.


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