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Scrub a dub dub!

I love all of my clients, and clients with ideas help my work come alive.  A couple of weeks ago, I received a text from a client asking if I could do washtub photos of her 6-month-old daughter.  She sent some examples, and I was in.  I would L-O-V-E to …

Only snag:  I had no washtub.  Kind of a big snag.

The hunt for the perfect washtub took me in varied directions, and I found exactly what I needed within a couple of days, and just 10 minutes from my house in a farm supply store.  Go figure!!  I learned about a way to give it an old patina using white vinegar–this was perfect as it’s totally safe, and 6-month-olds are liable to put their mouths on everything, so I wasn’t open to chemical methods of aging the steel.  Ready to go!

So here she is, in all her perfection.  I’m so excited to have this prop available, and I’m reminded about every squishy reason I love babies.

washtub 1

washtub 2

That face!  Those arms!  Gah!  Did I mention she has a tooth?

wee tooth

And we had to take one in her pretty Christmas dress.

Christmas dress

We are now washtub equipped for our under-one clients!


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